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Why Singamajigs?

Singamajigs grew out of a love for sharing, with children and their parents. Community singing has decreased over the years, so is not naturally done. So Singmajigs hopes to pass on a love and knowledge of singing with this and the future generations. Children who sing from an early age, increase their listening, speech and reading skills. Why would you not want to pass this on?

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Who and Where it came from?

Singamajigs started in March 2006 out of a love for sharing music with our own children. We had realised that singing was increasingly important within our home environment. Singing songs had become second nature as a family as we took look trips in the car, or had unsettled children as we tried to push around the supermarket. I had grown up with my mother always singing and had known nothing different and thought everyone did the same. However it became evident as the boys entered school life that some children had never had that which we thought was so normal

Karen Allen, with the support of husband Richard and three children, developed  Singamajigs that has grown and grown. Without all the support of my family especially my husband being a mum in business would probably have meant I would have given up at the first hurdle, if it hadn’t been for the support of my husband, Richard saying go on you can do it!!!

After the birth of our third child, Oliver, we decided that jiggling three children, school holidays and nursery was going to be too much, and that I would take time out and gave in my notice as an Interior Designer and exchanged my hectic life of running round in the car dropping children at school and nursery to what I thought would be slightly quieter at home.



Nurseriesand childcare settings

Singamajigs can be delivered weekly within Nurseries and childcare settings. With each session supporting early years foundation goals. 

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‘My children have been doing Karen’s classes at Kidzplay along with several over in Harrogate. Since going into lockdown I can safely safe Karen’s classes are a very firm favourite and a staple in their weekly diary. The craft classes are great, the singing ones too they adore. They are casual, friendly but also really great to actually do from comfort of your own home. I also bought a load of mugs, egg cups and plate off Karen to do at home. My two loved doing their creations and I really enjoyed doing my own. I could easily become addicted! I would 100% recommend Karen, her classes and her pottery. She puts maximum effort into everything she does and she should be really proud of how she was adapted to lockdown life!’

– Helena Linsky

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